February is “I Love to Read” Month: Part 1

As February comes to a close, we salute “I Love to Read” Month – a month-long celebration held each year to encourage reading, writing and sharing in the joy of literacy. This first part will share the Little Free Libraries initiative in Sunrise Corner. Our second part will introduce Sunrise Corner’s anthology of authors who currently live in the region or got their start here.

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Passionate about Sunrise Corner?

Sunrise Corner is seeking a Tourism Marketing Coordinator for a seasonal employment opportunity. We are looking for an enthusiastic individual with a passion for promoting tourism and community development through effective writing, photography and videography that tells a compelling story. Position will run from May to Aug 2021 and is open to youth aged 15-30. Check out the details below and apply by May 3, 2021.

Sunrise Corner_Summer Job Posting 2021_02_24

Volunteer Tourism?

This summer has been exciting, not just because of all the great events we attended, but because we got to meet some of the great people behind these events!

The thing that lots of event organizers and helpers had to say about volunteerism: It’s fun, but there just isn’t enough of us.

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