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Sunrise Corner’s reason for being is to balance building sustainable communities and maintaining the wonderful rural quality of life we all love.

Sunrise Corner Economic Development is our made-in-the-southeast solution to improving the economic well-being and quality of life in our communities by creating jobs, growing incomes, attracting new residents and so much more.

To accomplish those lofty goals, Sunrise Corner provides a wide range of services and resources to assist business owners, entrepreneurs, community groups and residents in achieving their individual and collective goals. Click on the pages in the left navigation for more details.

We encourage you to get in touch and share your plans so we can keep an eye open for opportunities that might help your efforts. info@sunrisecornermb.ca

Sunrise Corner benefits businesses, community groups and residents through a strong culture of partnership and collaboration.

Sunrise Corner is the partnership of the Rural Municipalities of Piney and Stuartburn promoting the southeast corner of Manitoba as an incredible place to live, work, play, visit, invest and explore.

The tourism partnership was launched informally in 2016 but was formalized in 2019 as a broader economic development initiative – the Piney Stuartburn Economic Development District – following the success of other partnerships like the Weed Control & Building Inspection District.

Because we are a partnership, we’re able to leverage opportunities and create synergies across the region to provide even more benefit to residents and businesses.

Sunrise Corner team members come to the table with a range of experience and expertise to guide the sustainable growth of this region.

Sunrise Corner is governed by the Piney Stuartburn Economic Development District Board, which was formed by resolution of the Municipal Councils of the RMs Piney and Stuartburn in September 2019.

The Board is made up of two councillors from each of the two municipalities with support from both chief administrative officers. Since November 2019, Sunrise Corner has been staffed by a full-time economic development manager, and we have employed a summer student the past four years to work on various tourism initiatives.

The depth of experience and widely varied backgrounds of the Sunrise Corner team provides a valuable resource to business owners seeking growth, entrepreneurs dreaming of launching a new business, and community groups looking to promote successful tried-and-true initiatives as well as thinking outside the box with new opportunities.

From Tall Grass Prairie to Sandilands Provincial Forest, Sunrise Corner offers rich culture, unique events and festivals, and stunning nature.

Sunrise Corner Tourism is the destination marketing organization (DMO) for the RMs of Piney and Stuartburn. We were launched in 2016 with a plan to capitalize on the amazing tourism potential in our region.

We work closely with Eastman Tourism, Travel Manitoba and other organizations to encourage visitors to explore our beautiful corner of Manitoba. #sunrisecornermb #natureshinesmb

If you’re a tourism operator in the Sunrise Corner region (or want to be), we’d love to hear from you. Whether it’s a restaurant or retail store, campground or bed & breakfast, museum or tour activity, we want to learn more about your plans and how we can promote your business or help you launch something new.

Tucked away in the south east corner of Manitoba, Sunrise Corner has so much untapped potential for tourism and business opportunity.

Sunrise Corner is a large geographic area – almost 3,600 square kilometers of stunning natural beauty, small-town community spirit and amazing quality of life that is second to none. And we want everyone to know about it.

On the tourism side, Sunrise Corner markets the area to visitors from outside our region as well as encouraging local staycations. On the economic development side, Sunrise Corner promotes business and community development opportunities within the borders of the two municipalities. We work closely with local community groups to support the events, festivals, markets and fundraising activities that contribute to the exceptional quality of life in our region. Our friendly people, diverse cultural attractions and outstanding natural areas draw in visitors, which in turn supports local businesses – it’s all interconnected.

In addition to an active online presence through our website and social media, we participate in activities both within and outside our borders that further promote tourism and economic development in our region. We are also in regular touch with local media interested in hearing what’s going on in Sunrise Corner – we welcome your good news stories to share.

Sunrise Corner helps build strong communities by promoting local business which keeps money and jobs right here in our region.

We strongly endorse the shop-local/support-local/explore-local philosophy and as such, we actively promote businesses owned by residents, with premises located within Sunrise Corner.

In the last two months of 2020, we spearheaded the Holiday Shop Local initiative on Sunrise Corner Economic Development’s Facebook page to encourage local holiday shopping – so many unique local options for shoppers to choose. In early 2021, we launched a new economic development website to make it as easy as possible to shop local. The site will continue to evolve to include a searchable business directory promoting all businesses in Sunrise Corner. Buying from our neighbours makes sense and is the right thing to do.

If you’re a local business, drop us a line to let us know what you’re up to. When we know what your goals are, we can create content on our website and social media to promote your business as well as respond to media inquiries about interesting businesses and people in our region.

Sunrise Corner knows that attracting new residents to our region is critical to maintaining and building thriving communities.

While 2020 was a challenging year, COVID-19 has forced people to rethink what’s truly important: family, friends, health, social connection, self sufficiency. Throughout the pandemic, Sunrise Corner has been garnering attention as a realistic alternative to the often-frantic pace of the city and, in response, we’ve been actively promoting the region to attract new residents and families.

Growing our population will result in improved economic opportunity and quality of life for all residents in the area:

  • New customers for local businesses
  • New students for schools
  • New businesses to fill current product and service gaps
  • New jobs to keep our youth in the community instead of leaving for larger centres
  • New volunteers for community clubs

If you’re thinking about relocating to Sunrise Corner and have questions, we’re more than happy to help.

Good jobs in Sunrise Corner are key to retaining current residents, ensuring our youth are able to settle here, and attracting new residents.

To create opportunities for more people to live in the region, Sunrise Corner is actively encouraging entrepreneurship, home-based businesses and work-from home scenarios. So, whether it’s starting a new business, launching your own consulting firm, or working virtually at home for a far-away company, Sunrise Corner is here to support your endeavour.

Sunrise Corner also supports larger businesses looking to expand or seeking to add new employees to their teams.

We are here to direct you to resources such as business plan input, free training opportunities or low-interest loans, and will help promote your products or services to the local market. We also advertise any job opportunities you have available.

Agriculture, forestry and industry have a long and successful track record in southeast Manitoba.

Our region enjoys a variety of agricultural operations including crops, animals, genetics, greenhouses, and specialty production like organic garlic. Peat moss is harvested just outside our region with a processing plant within our borders. The logging industry gave rise to many of our Sunrise Corner communities and continues today. And there are manufacturing businesses to support the natural resource industry.

Sunrise Corner is available to support any resource-based business in the region looking to grow with business plan support or referral to grants or other funding. Got a business challenge? If you are having an issue, you are likely not the only one. We invite you to contact us – we may already have a solution underway or perhaps can brainstorm ideas to solve these challenges for the entire region.

Appropriate housing in Sunrise Corner is key to retaining our current residents and allowing growth to attract new residents.

In addition to tourism and economic development, Sunrise Corner is working towards community-driven solutions for bigger picture issues like housing options for seniors and families, as well as temporary workers and tourists.

There are so many benefits to increasing the housing stock in the region:

  • Seniors are able to age in place
  • Multi-generational families can live nearby and support each other
  • Affordable rental housing is available for young families
  • Increased tourism spending with campgrounds, seasonal RV parks, hotels and vacation rentals
  • Economic spin-off from term, temporary or seasonal workers living in region rather than commuting

Our housing efforts focus on making better use of limited housing in our region and seeking strategic investment or partnerships in areas where new housing development is required. If you’re a builder or developer looking to expand into a progressive region, we would welcome a call.

Sunrise Corner is our made-in-the-southeast solution to improving the economic well-being and quality of life in our communities.

While economic development is about creating jobs and growing businesses, above all, here in Sunrise Corner it’s about the balance between building sustainable communities and maintaining the wonderful rural quality of life we all love.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to grow, future entrepreneur wanting to launch a new business, or a local volunteer with an idea for a community initiative or tourist attraction, we invite you to get in touch. We are available to answer questions, share resources, support grant applications, brainstorm ideas or provide advice – whatever you need to help make your vision a reality.