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Sunrise Corner is focused on economic development from various perspectives including business development, housing, tourism, marketing our region, and governance.

In 2016, the Rural Municipalities of Piney and Stuartburn created a partnership called Sunrise Corner to promote tourism in southeastern Manitoba. Through surveys, public consultations and research, it became evident that the region had an abundance of opportunities for growth through tourism. Sunrise Corner is rich with nature, wildlife and outdoor recreation while also maintaining a deep cultural and religious history which many tourists find of interest.

With direction from tourism marketing plans in 2016 and 2019 (available below), a great deal of progress was made to promote the Sunrise Corner Tourism brand through a councillor-led volunteer tourism committee and summer students.

In late 2019, the Piney Stuartburn Economic Development board hired a full-time economic development manager. One of the first goals was to develop a strategic plan which expanded to all economic development across the region, including tourism. In early 2021, the Sunrise Corner Economic Development Strategic Plan was launched with a focus on five key strategies: governance, housing, tourism, marketing, and business development. Read the full 2021 report below.

Strategic Plans