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Winter Photo Contest 2017/18


Roseau River in Stuartburn – Sandra Drewniak
Woodland Wanderer – Amy Jaarsma, Sandilands, MB
Breakfast over the open fire – Jake Fehr, Vita, MB

Amy Jaarsma:

Jake Fehr:

Vivian Bott:

Kevin Dokken

Kelcie Neufeld:

Agnes Bespalko:

Other Contributions:

2016 Photo Contest

Photo Contest Winners

Other Outstanding Entries

By Alissa Prevost

By Jennifer Greaves

By Julie Yatsko

By Nicole Vinet

By Laura Reeves

By Tyler Stadnyk

By Agnes Bespalko

By Anne Whipple

By Jake Fehr

By Lucie Maynard

By Bertha Shastid

By Carol Shultz

By Gracie Gay

Other Entries

Hunting and Fishing Pictures

Pictures submitted by Jake Fehr

Canada Day


South Junction