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A road trip through Sunrise Corner will reveal an interesting array of historic sites, whether to photograph or just to learn about our fascinating history.

To access an interactive, searchable map of all historic sites in the region, please visit Historic Sites of Manitoba and search the municipalities of Piney and Stuartburn.

Badger General Store

The Badger General Store, established in 1908, is a great photo opportunity on your scenic way through Badger. No longer in operation, Badger General Store sports vintage Salada Tea advertisements in its windows. It is on private property, but it’s close enough to the road for great photos.

Gardenton Truss Bridge

The Gardenton Truss Bridge is a municipal heritage site just east of Gardenton. Built in 1918, this timber through truss bridge spans 81 feet (25 meters) of the Roseau River. Over the years, the Gardenton Bridge has remained a single lane and has survived through floods and ice jams. For a unique perspective, check it out as you’re tubing down the Roseau River.

Lonesand Community Hall

Down a scenic dirt road off Hwy 12, you’ll find the Lonesand Hall, a historical site.

Lonesand School

This one-room schoolhouse was established in 1918 and still stands to this day.

Ostman Grave

This gravesite, located on the shores of Horseshoe Lake near Sundown, is the grave of the child of a Swedish immigrant family (1910-1912). The present grave marker was installed in 1950. Access to the site is limited, as it is located at the end of a gravel track off Hwy 201.

Spurgrave School

The historic Spurgrave School, located in Carrick, is a rare Manitoban example of a log schoolhouse. It was built in 1909 and has teacher’s quarters attached. The grounds include a historical flagpole and original outhouses. The schoolhouse even holds the original desks and blackboards. There are community members still living in Carrick who attended the school and are happy to show it to visitors. To arrange a visit, contact Jim Danilchuk (204) 429-2113.

Grenier School

First organized in 1908, the one-room school was updated and rebuilt, and is currently vacant in the village of St. Labre.

Pine Creek School

Originally established in as a one-room school in 1906, the Pine Creek School added a second classroom in 1928, then in 1950 a third was built. It was destroyed by a fire and classes for 130 students had to be held at various businesses in the village. After the school district was dissolved into Boundary School Division, the schoolhouse was used by the Hutterite Colony, and then became vacant. It is now privately owned with a monument commemorating Piney’s old schools.

Piney Municipal Office

This vacant building, a favorite of historic building photographers, served as the municipal office from 1919 to 1951.

Postage Stamp Province Monuments

These monuments near the Piney/Pine Creek international border crossing commemorate the boundaries of Manitoba as they were in 1870, when it joined Confederation.