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Sunrise Corner is home to quaint communities, friendly businesses, historic attractions, and pristine natural areas to visit.


Sunrise Corner is home to many small communities, each with their own interesting history, welcoming people, and unique events and festivals.


Whatever your preference, Sunrise Corner has campgrounds immersed in beautiful Manitoba nature or hotels nestled in friendly small towns.

Food, Drink & Shopping

Sunrise Corner has a variety of friendly, local grocery and drug stores, restaurants and retail stores to provide local convenience and personalized service.

Farmer’s Markets

There’s nothing quite like home-grown and homemade products available directly from Sunrise Corner producers, farmers, bakers and makers.

Recreation Facilities

Sunrise Corner’s recreation facilities – all managed by dedicated, local volunteer committees – provide hours of fun and community spirit to residents and visitors of all ages.


Sunrise Corner is a region steeped in a history of awe-inspiring work in forests, fields and railroad to open up the west. That pioneering spirit is celebrated in our two local museums.

Historic Sites

A road trip through Sunrise Corner will reveal an interesting array of historic sites, whether for photography or just learning about our fascinating history.


Sunrise Corner is home to many historic churches and cemeteries, so if you’re researching your family genealogy in southeast Manitoba, come down for a visit.

Provincial & Community Parks

Whether you’re looking for a rest stop or kid-friendly playground, there are unique parks in many Sunrise Corner communities.

Prairies & Forests

With so many incredible open spaces in both prairie and forest ecosystems, Sunrise Corner truly is an outdoor paradise with so many natural areas to enjoy.