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Sunrise Corner is home to many small communities, each with their own interesting history, welcoming people, and unique events and festivals.


Surrounded by the Sandilands Provincial Forest, and known for its blueberry crop, Badger enjoys all the beauty and bounty Mother Nature has to offer. Learn more >


Originally known as Spurgrave, Carrick started as a railway town. The old Spurgrave School is a historic site that must be explored. Learn more >


Gardenton is rich in history including St. Michael’s, the first permanent Ukrainian Greek Orthodox church built in Canada and the Gardenton Truss Bridge, the last of its kind in Manitoba. Learn more >


The most easterly community in Sunrise Corner, Middlebro boasts family friendly spaces, the best tasting water, and events open to all. Learn more >


A farming community through-and-through, Menisino has wide open fields and forests that show off the true spirit of the area. Learn more > 


Piney is the proud home to many historical buildings, the region’s first fire station, and a unique airport that straddles our border with the United States. Learn more >

St. Labre

With a strong agricultural base, the St. Labre area is home to leading dairy and beef cattle operations, as well as the award-winning St. Labre 200. Learn more >


Sandilands, surrounded by Sandilands Provincial Forest, is situated below Suicide Hill, the second highest point above sea level in Manitoba. Learn more >

South Junction

With a welcoming nature, South Junction is host of Canada Day festivities and annual Family Slopitch Tournament, and home to the Southeast Farmer’s Market. Learn more >


Sprague is a hub of activity including an arena and outdoor winter slide and is home to the Sprague & Area Historical Museum and Ross L. Gray School. Learn more >


The most westerly Sunrise Corner community, Stuartburn is famous for recreation on the Roseau River including tubing in summer and snowshoeing in winter. Learn more >


A deep and rich Ukrainian heritage in Sundown is evident with multiple historic churches and cemeteries, and their annual fall supper of Ukrainian cuisine. Learn more >


Settled over a century ago, ‘Vassar’ in German means ‘water’. With the only outdoor pool in the region, Vassar is certainly living up to their history. Learn more >


Serving as the trading and recreation hub in the RM of Stuartburn, the friendly community of Vita offers retail shops, restaurants, hotel, curling rink and arena. Learn more >


Nestled in the heart of berry and wildlife territory, Wampum originated as a CN track station and was a bustling community in its day. Learn more >


With Sandilands Provincial Forest on every side, Woodridge is a thriving community that delivers paradise for trail users both summer and winter. Learn more >


Zhoda, meaning “agreement” in Ukrainian, was first settled mostly by Ukrainian farmers around 1909 but is now a diverse community centred on their active community hall.