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Sunrise Corner is steeped in a history of awe-inspiring work to open up the west. That pioneering spirit is celebrated in our two local museums.

Sprague & District Historical Museum

The Sprague & District Historical Museum is one of those must-see locations in Sunrise Corner. Preserving history of the region, the museum showcases local artifacts in vignettes like an old barber shop and railway station, exhibits a canoe from the 19th century, and proudly displays a tribute to local veterans. Caring volunteers have gathered documentation of many of the local families that built these communities, so it’s a great place to research your family history. Learn more >

Gardenton Ukrainian Museum

The Ukrainian Museum, located in Gardenton Park, is a small treasury of local Ukrainian culture. It features household items, traditional clothing and farming tools – all donated by local residents who are the founding families of these communities. The museum is a precious piece of the area’s history and is worth the trip to see. And don’t forget to walk the grounds where you’ll see a traditional thatched-roof home. To arrange a visit, call in advance: (204) 425-8197. Learn more >

Sunrise Corner: Then & Now Video Series

In the summer of 2020, a series of videos was created to investigate the roots of where our Sunrise Corner communities began and celebrate where they are now. Take a walk down memory lane from the comfort of your home, then plan a visit to see it all in person. View videos >