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The Sunrise Corner Geocaching Challenge is a great way to experience the thrill of a treasure hunt while being immersed in the incredible fall colours in the RMs of Piney and Stuartburn in southeast Manitoba. If you find all 17 Sunrise Corner Tourism caches between October 15 and 23, 2022, you’ll be ENTERED TO WIN a custom metal firepit.

So what is geocaching? It’s basically a family-friendly treasure hunt where you use GPS coordinates to search for caches filled with treasures. When you find one, just sign the physical and/or digital log books, take one of the “treasures” for yourself and leave something behind for the next person. The treasures we’ve placed include key chains, funky pens, carabiner clips, can coolers and magnets. We’ve seen people leave treasures like beads, costume jewelry, small balls and toy cars. Please don’t leave food items (bears are hungry this time of year!). Sunrise Corner has 17 metal monuments installed near attractions and historical sites in every corner of the RMs of Piney and Stuartburn so it’s an adventurous way to get off the beaten track to see our beautiful corner of the province.

The contest runs October 15-23, 2022 but the caches are all permanently listed on www.geocaching.com under SunriseCornerTourism, so you can geocache any time. In winter, you’ll definitely need snowshoes to reach some of the caches (but we’ve noted those in the descriptions).

How does geocaching work?

If you’re a newbie to geocaching, go online to www.geocaching.com and view the videos explaining geocache basics and etiquette.

1. Using the app, search for SunriseCornerTourism caches in southeast Manitoba or enter the coordinates (listed below) in your GPS device.
2. When you find the monument, log your find in the paper log you’ll find in the cache and/or log it on www.geocaching.com where each cache has its own listing.

How does the contest work?

Once you’ve found all 17 caches placed by SunriseCornerTourism, you have two options to be entered to win.

1. Take a picture with the monument and log it on www.geocaching.com (click green “log” button, choose “Found it” then click on the camera icon in the lower left). And if you’d like to leave a comment letting us know what you think, that would be fantastic.
2. When you’ve found all 17 monuments, email us all 17 photos info@sunrisecornermb.ca.

The contest runs October 15-23 so submit your photos by October 23, 2022 at 11:59 pm to enter the contest.

What can you win?

Everyone who finishes the challenge by finding all 17 caches will win a choice of a Sunrise Corner go-cup or metal water bottle and be entered to win a custom Sunrise Corner metal fire pit (pictured here). Pick up for all items will be in South Junction, Vassar or Vita.

Even if you don’t find all 17 caches, everyone who visits a geocache wins since it’s a take-one, leave-one treasure hunt. So don’t forget to have a trinket to leave behind at each cache so that the person coming after you finds their very own treasure.

As you’re working through the challenge, we’d love to see your photos posted on social media using our hashtags: #sunrisegeocache #sunrisecornermb #natureshinesmb

Let the treasure hunt begin!

Sunrise Corner Tourism Geocaches

Geocache Name (GC Code)   GPS Coordinates

While the Kids Play (GC820XY)   N 49° 01.282′ W 095° 26.350′
Memory Lane (GC7B1CF)   N 49° 02.343′ W 095° 38.450′
Crossroads Cache (GC7B3DR)   N 49° 02.293′ W 095° 45.742′
Baseball Diamond Find (GC7B1EE)   N 49° 05.757′ W 095° 50.115′
Find the Firetruck (GC7B3DW)   N 49° 04.513′ W 095° 58.712′
All Tracks Lead to Badger (GC7B3DZ)   N 49° 11.512′ W 095° 57.375′
Carrick’s Cache (GC7B1P3)   N 49° 14.268′ W 096° 02.647′
Just Off the Road (GC7B1FR)   N 49° 17.398′ W 096° 08.862′
The AgriCache (GC820XV)   N 49° 19.993′ W 096° 02.165′
Alone on Backroads (GC7BAMQ)   N 49° 13.357′ W 096° 17.778′
Bear Right (GC820Y1)   N 49° 07.166′ W 096° 18.249′
Crosses Way Out in the Woods (GC7B1HM)   N 49° 02.730′ W 096° 21.030′
The Quiet Rodeo Grounds (GC7B1J1)   N 49° 07.830′ W 096° 34.167′
Nearly Corralled (GC7B4KC)   N 49° 02.702′ W 096° 37.713′
Heritage in the Forest (GC7FP0A)   N 49° 04.310′ W 096° 44.470′
Butterfly Catch (GC820XF)   N 49° 08.302′ W 096° 39.141′
Ducks Unlimited (GC7B1N7)   N 49° 14.250′ W 096° 44.103′