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Sunrise Corner is an Incredible Place to Play:

Imagine stepping out your door into a natural playground, a place where you can spend time with friends and family, or nurture yourself in the peace and quiet. In Sunrise Corner, the RMs of Piney and Stuartburn are filled with possibilities and recreation activities for both the summer and winter months.

There are dozens of trails to hit up with friends or on your own. Start with the Sandilands Provincial Forest that hosts a network of trails perfect for summer and winter use. Explore them on mountain bike, on foot, by quad or on horseback in the summer. In the winter, break out the skis or snowshoes and get to it.

Gary Hora knows the trails in the RM of Piney better than almost anyone. He is the current sitting president for ATV Manitoba and the president of the Woodridge ATV Sandhogs. “We have a designated trail system within the Sandilands Provincial Forest. Our section is just north of the town of Woodridge. It connects to another club, Eastman ATV, and that trail will go all the way up to Highway #1,” explains Gary, who is quick to give credit where it’s due. “We have a lot of great volunteers, people who put a lot of time on the trails. Our goal is to keep going and add on to those loops,” Gary says of the club’s future plans.

If you’re interested in playing and exploring in the beautiful wooded scenery around Woodridge, Manitoba, Gary recommends that you reach out to the local ATV club, Woodridge ATV Sandhogs, on Facebook. “There’s a lot of people who would take someone on a guided tour. You meet someone new and go on a day of fun and riding. Just reach out to them. You’ll be amazed at how much help you can get.”

There are also self-guided walking, skiing and snowshoeing trails nestled deep into the Tall Grass Prairie, hosted by The Nature Conservancy of Canada. Tyra Bodz, a Stuartburn local, avidly uses the trails and spaces maintained by the NCC. “I like to utilize what I have here. So I like to go for walks and hikes. I also love the interpretive centre which is in Stuartburn. They have some really cool and interesting spaces and hiking places that are engaging for anyone of all ages.” These trails are highly accessible and easy to traverse for people of all ages. For more recreation ideas, visit the Sunrise Corner website.

Sunrise Corner is also home to the peaceful Roseau River, which provides the perfect playground for the whole family. Launch your canoe or kayak from the Stuartburn bridge, Arbakka dam or Gardenton Park. Or pack a lunch and spend your day fishing. For more fun ideas on the water, visit the Sunrise Corner website.

Tyra reflects fondly on her years growing up beside the Roseau River. Her favourite water activities include tubing and kayaking. “When you’re going down the river and you see people, just having that neighbourly “hello” because you’re all enjoying and doing the same thing is something that I appreciate so much,” she says with a smile.

Please Note: When visiting Sandilands Provincial Forest or any backcountry trails, always check the fire conditions or fire ratings through the provincial and municipal government websites to see if there are any travel restrictions or bans. Let’s safely enjoy these beautiful resources and ensure they’re here for future generations to enjoy as well.

Watch the video: Playing in Sunrise Corner