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Sunrise Corner is an Incredible Place to Work:

In the RMs of Piney and Stuartburn, there are a diversity of jobs and careers, and an incredible balance of work, family, recreation and lifestyle. Imagine breathing in the fresh air as you bring in the harvest, caring for community members at one of the local health centres, teaching the next generation at one of the schools, or greeting every customer by name because they’re your neighbours. It’s a feeling like no other.

Sunrise Corner facilitates many different career choices and walks of life; and it all starts with the youth. The Piney Regional Chamber of Commerce hosts its annual career symposium for youth showing the career options that are available in the surrounding communities.  There are also many summer student jobs throughout the two municipalities, from preserving culture at the Gardenton Park & Museum, to teaching swimming lessons, to helping maintain community recreation facilities.

Tyra Bodz, who grew up in Stuartburn, is currently completing her degree in education at the University of Winnipeg. Working a summer job with the municipality has enabled her to stay in the community she loves. “They hired me as a recreation worker, which is excellent experience for me. I am currently operating and organizing summer day camps for the municipality and I really enjoy what I do,” she says. “What I love most is that I’m able to offer something that wasn’t here before. To have youth recreation in the community that I didn’t have access to in my childhood is something that I am really proud to be able to put forth in my community.”

Providing excellent customer service in Sunrise Corner means you’ll be appreciated. Jason and Kari Sylvester live and work in Sprague. Jason has owned Sprague Auto for over four years. “People won’t have to travel as far to have their vehicles fixed,” Jason says. Kari adds, “I think the community enjoys having a local shop. Someone they can trust. Someone who grew up out here and they know well.”

Already a skilled tradesperson or entrepreneur? Sunrise Corner has demand for any local business that could enhance and meet the communities’ needs. And there are lots of resources if you’re just starting out. Sunrise Corner works with existing businesses and entrepreneurs to provide business planning support, promotion and marketing, and grant opportunities. Sunrise Corner also works with Triple R Community Futures, Eastman Tourism, and more to give local businesses the tools they need to be successful. Visit the Partner Resources page on our website.

If you’re looking for a career opportunity in southeast Manitoba, check out the Sunrise Corner Economic Development Facebook page for local job postings. If you’re a local business with openings, send us a message and we’ll be happy to share your job posting.

Working in Sunrise Corner is exciting and fulfilling. Every day is different. “You interact with a lot of different people throughout the day,” Jason highlights. “Meeting new people that move to the area, or visiting with those you know already …it’s always something different.”

Watch the video: Working in Sunrise Corner