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As February comes to a close, we salute “I Love to Read” Month – a month-long celebration held each year to encourage reading, writing and sharing in the joy of literacy. The first part shares the Little Free Libraries initiative in Sunrise Corner. This second part introduces Sunrise Corner’s anthology of authors who currently live in the region or got their start here. If there are local authors not listed here, send an email with details and we’ll update the blog.

Celebrating Our Local Authors

Here in Sunrise Corner, we have a diverse selection of authors who have pursued their passion to write a book – whether a novel, children’s tale or how-to guide and cookbook. If you’re thinking ahead to your next good read, check out these options; some are available online, others directly from the author.

Kim Cayer

Kim Cayer, who grew up in Vassar, is a professional entertainer and writer living in the Toronto, Canada area. She writes everything from screenplays to poetry, but her favourite genre is the fictional novel, of which she’s written two. Besides the books, Kim toured Western Canada in Memories of Marilyn, a play she wrote and starred in. As well, she wrote and performed in two children’s plays – The Petting Zoo and Saving Mother Earth. When not busy writing, she is almost finished raising three children.

Lights! Camera! Dissatisfaction…
Alice Kumplunkem can’t catch a break – all she wanted was to be a movie star, but life had other plans.

No Fire Escape in Hell
Escaping an abusive marriage, Maddy, a singing telegram performer, is forced to live in her car while trying to raise 100 grand to pay her husband to go away.

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Sherry Ewacha-Poole

Sherry Ewacha-Poole is a Canadian teacher, artist, illustrator, and author who was raised in Middlebro, Manitoba. After graduating with her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of North Dakota, Sherry successfully completed her Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Victoria. Now residing on Vancouver Island, Sherry has been inspired to express her artistic vision from an inner passion and love of nature. Her joy of educating children about animals is aimed at ensuring an awareness and compassion for wildlife, especially species at risk.

The A-Z Wildlife Series
Self-published through Wildlife Matters Publishing, this series of five books is nicely presented with charming illustrations and enlightening information to capture the hearts of both the young and old. A portion of the profits will be donated to wildlife preservation. This five-part series of hard-cover illustrated educational children’s wildlife books include mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, whales, and fish from each region of Canada. Using a clever A-Z format for every region, they lend themselves to a variety of animals with 26 coloured illustrations per book, for a total of 130 different creatures throughout Canada. Whether you are young or old, you are sure to learn something new.

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Joanna Hovorka

Joanna Hovorka – who grew up in Sprague, Manitoba, moved away to North Dakota to pursue a nursing degree, then made her way back to Sprague – has self-published a children’s book. Her smart, funny, and kind six-year-old son is her inspiration. Joanna’s publishing company, OldTom Publishing, is currently focusing on publishing her own books, but in the future will expand to helping other authors publish their books as well.

Bronc’s Magic Pen
Bronc received a magic pen from his grandpa for his birthday. He can go on any adventure that he draws, as long he believes in magic. Come on Bronc’s first adventure with him and his cat Mercy.

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Shelley O’Brien

Shelley O’Brien is an educator in southeastern Manitoba, whose love for all things fantasy-adventure led her to write her first children’s story. Her quirky verse is reminiscent of a meeting between Cindy Lou Who and Bilbo Baggins. A self-described tree-huggin’, critter-lovin’, nature-groovin’ granola girl, the author lives in a field in the middle of nowhere with her husband, son, dragons, leprechauns, and pillywiggins.

The Spunky Caboodle and the Christmas Fadoodle
What is going on in Santa’s workshop? Droopy swords, shrinking giants, and… farting ninjas?!? A standard mission for the Spunky Caboodle and their trusty dragons… Or is it? Join these extraordinary heroes, Humphrey Nudge, Barnaby Potts, Quinsy Wick, and Morley Patch on a riptalesnorter adventure to the North Pole as they use their powers to solve a crisis, catch the culprits and save Christmas!

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Laura Reeves

Laura Reeves is a botanist, author and founder of Prairie Shore Botanicals, a company dedicated to increasing public knowledge of, and respect for, the beauty, diversity and usefulness of wild plants through specialized skills classes, presentations, consulting services, and sustainably harvested products. Laura is a botanist with over 20 years experience. She received her BSc. (Botany) from the University of Manitoba in 1997.

Laura Reeves’ Guide to Useful Plants
With over 285 colour photos and 30 recipes, Laura Reeves’ Guide to Useful Plants will bring you up to speed on identifying, sustainably harvesting and skillfully preparing some of the most intriguing wild plants and mushrooms of the northern prairie and boreal forest – from acorns to zoomsticks! This 216-page book is a collection of Laura’s experiences with over 65 wild plants and mushrooms. It is packed full of stories of her experiments (some successful and some not), accidental discoveries, recipes, and directions for using plants for food, medicine, wilderness survival, and just plain fun.

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Michael Rennie Vinet

Michael Rennie Vinet currently resides in Vassar, Manitoba and has worked with physically and mentally challenged people in Roseau, Minnesota. He is an advocate for unborn children and anyone who is the “least of these”. Michael is working on a new novel that spotlights the persecution of Christian teenagers in the high school arena.

Birthright: Our pleas for life
Michael’s second novel, Birthright: Our pleas for life, tells the story of five young people who make a difference in the lives of others – or so it first appears. In their own words, each person reveals that they were never born. Birthright is a compassionate plea for life. It sensitively declares that we all have that right…no matter who we are. It may inspire you to rethink your views.

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