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Saskatoons and blueberries are some of Sunrise Corner’s tastiest secrets.

The season started in early July and will continue for another couple weeks. Berry picking is a great activity to do with a friend, or solo. It’s time to spend in nature, listening to the birds and taking in the smells of nature. And at the end of the day you’ll have pails full of little treasures for your freezer, jams or pies.

Where should you go?

  • Sandilands Provincial Forest
  • Crown lands in the RMs of Piney and Stuartburn

Often, only locals familiar with the area can find the good spots. It’s all about getting out and exploring the great expanse of forest in our corner.

But remember to stay safe while you pick! Dangers include getting lost, encountering bears, and insects such as ticks and mosquitoes.

  • Mark your way in the forest so you don’t get lost. Instead of plowing a path, bring chalk or coloured string to remember where you were.
  • Bring a map and compass with you.
  • Bring lots of water and wear protective clothing.
  • Bring a bear bell or spray, and don’t forget to use your voice if you suspect you have wildlife for company

Please stop by either of the municipality offices in Vita or Vassar to see maps of public land open to picking. Remember, it’s not your right to pick just anywhere.