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May 2023 Economic Development Update:

There are some rural businesses that operate exclusively by word of mouth. Their new customers or employees come through referrals from customers, friends and neighbours. That approach works…to a point. If businesses want to be more strategic in finding ideal customers or qualified employees, they might consider casting their net a little wider. Sunrise Corner has built two online tools to help: Business Directory and WorkFinder.

Business Directory: Our online Business Directory connects local residents with local companies. The searchable directory helps customers buy the products and services they need locally which ensures local businesses can stay open to serve the community. Shopping locally is a critical aspect of building our region. In fact, it is estimated that money spent locally is reinvested locally seven times before being lost outside our region. Money spent outside the region is lost immediately and may never make it back. Let’s keep our dollars here to strengthen our community.

WorkFinder: This useful resource was launched to connect local workers and volunteers with local companies and organizations. If you’re looking for paid work or volunteer opportunities in southeast Manitoba, Sunrise Corner’s WorkFinder is the place to go. There are currently more than 20 postings on the site with the majority being paid full-time, part-time and seasonal jobs.

Did you know these tools also help with local economic development in indirect ways as well? Here are a couple examples.

Some local businesses sell to customers exclusively outside the region, so feel they don’t need to list their company on a local directory. These kinds of listings show local businesses they can grow by targeting customers across Canada, in the US, or even internationally. It shows young people they can leave temporarily to get an education and/or experience and bring it back to our region. It shows potential new residents they can choose their ideal lifestyle rather than being forced to live near their business’s customer base.

A robust local job listing site can attract new residents who see the opportunity for the rural lifestyle they want rather than having to live in a big city. With jobs available in the region to attract new residents, we can demonstrate to developers the demand for housing thereby increasing investment in our area.

Check out our website at www.sunrisecornermb.ca/invest. Both tools allow users to post their own job openings and directory listings but if you need help, I’m happy to assist.

Monique Chenier