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September 2023 Economic Development Update:

Pretty much everyone has friends or family that live in large cities. Some locals don’t invite their friends to visit because they feel like there’s nothing to do. No dance or sports clubs, no theatres, no fancy restaurants. Keep in mind, people who live in big cities already have access to those amenities. Most people want to experience something new and different. Sunrise Corner absolutely delivers.

The Thrill of the Ride: A trip down a scenic bush road – whether by quad in the summer or snowmobile in the winter – is a novelty for many city dwellers. All the better if they get to see soaring eagles, skittish deer, curious coyotes or an ever-elusive wolf. End the day with a weenie roast and s’mores over a bonfire under the stars for a picture-perfect experience.

Yard & Forest Foraging: How many people in the city have the opportunity to pick veggies right from the garden to make dinner? It’s even less likely that they’ve had the chance to forage for delicacies like morel or chanterelle mushrooms, blueberries or saskatoons, or pick wild plums or hazelnuts right off the tree. These are memory-making activities.

Indoor Recreation: Your big-city friends might have never tried floor curling, pickle ball, or archery. Bingo games or cribbage tournaments may be a novelty they would enjoy. Karaoke nights are always entertaining, maybe even more so when your visitors don’t know anyone else and can really belt out their favourite song.

Food Scene: A fall supper is a unique small-town activity that most urban folks haven’t had a chance to experience. The great food, camaraderie and the chance to win a 50/50 draw or silent auction prize provides the opportunity to create unique memories. Visiting a local farmer’s market or craft sale for hand-made crafts, preserves, baking or local honey provides a flavour of your home town that your friends can’t get anywhere else.

Bottom line, your friends and family from away want to spend time with you. Those visits become that much more memorable when they have an opportunity for a hands-on experience with your unique rural lifestyle. Why not invite a group of friends to visit soon? Check out the Sunrise Corner website for more activity ideas like hikes, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, geocaching and so much more.

Monique Chenier