For more information about historical churches in the RMs of Stuartburn and Piney, please visit: Historic Sites of Manitoba

Historic St. Michael’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church- GardentonSt. Michael's Church

St. Michaels is a unique part of Ukrainian-Canadian culture as the oldest existing Ukrainian church in Canada, built by Ukrainian settlers in 1897! It is the first permanent Ukrainian church to have been built in Canada.

Take a walk in the secluded churchyard, get some peace and quiet in the gazebo, or explore the range of dates in the old cemetery. St. Michaels is a wonderful testa
ment of Ukrainian culture. It reminds us of the strong heritage this community was built on.

New St. Michael’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church- Gardenton

This church and cemetery is still in use. It was built in 1935.

St. Demetrius Ukrainian Catholic Church- Vita

Built in 1920 and still in use, this church is right in town and easy to access.

Ascension of Our Lord Ukrainian Catholic Church- Sundown

This church and cemetery, located in Sundown, was built for the second time in 1931.

Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church- Sundown

This church and cemetery, still in operation for special services, was built in 1940. And it’s right in town, so it’s easy to access.

St. Elias Ukrainian Orthodox Church- Sundown

St. Elias, constructed in 1950 and a provincially established historical site, has a bell tower and cemetery.

Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church- Stuartburn

Established in 1898 and built in 1911, Holy Trinity is still in use.

Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Orthodox Church- Lonesand

The current building was built in 1921, replacing the previous building built 1913.

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church- Caliento

Check out this church and cemetery, originally built between 1913 and 1915. The original church was destroyed by a fire on Christmas Day, 1924. The building you see today was built in 1925.

St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Cemeteries- Arbakka

Interested in history? Find all six cemeteries in Arbakka! Trust us, some of them are pretty remote. You’ll want a GPS or compass for sure. For more information please visit the Historic Sites of Manitoba website.

St. Benoit Joseph Labre Roman Catholic Church- St-Labre

St. Labre Church

The St. Benoit Joseph Labre Roman Catholic Church is a beautiful historical site located in the village of St. Labre. This is a great photo opt as well as an example of a working piece of heritage.

The church holds services every other Sunday at 9:00 a.m

Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Church- Vassar

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic (Parish) Church in Vassar is located on Beaudry Ave and has an unmarked cemetery on Spicer Street. Located in the quaint village of Vassar, this church is a lovely photo opt if you’re passing through.

Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Church and Cemetery- South Junction

Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Church and cemetery in South Junction is a Manitoban historical site! Services are held every other Sunday, alternating with the Vassar Catholic Church. The grounds are peaceful and beautiful for walking.

Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church- Wampum

Established in 1910, this church is situated in the beautiful woods of Wampum and is still in operation.

St. Alexander Roman Catholic Church- Woodridge

Church and cemetery.