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April 2023 Economic Development Update:

According to Travel Manitoba: “Tourism in Manitoba is a $1.47 billion industry, representing 2.5% of the province’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and some 10.5 million visitors to Manitoba (2015 figures).” With the incredible natural assets and friendly people in Sunrise Corner, we have significant untapped tourism potential.

Tourism is an important economic driver and has multiple layers of benefit for our region. That’s why Sunrise Corner’s strategy includes doing more to develop tourism products and infrastructure to attract visitors. Bottom line, better experiences for tourists translate into improved economic opportunity and quality of life for all residents in the area. In fact, attracting visitors delivers a three-fold positive impact on the community.

First, there is a direct economic impact on local businesses when tourists purchase products and services in the area such as food, beverage, lodging, fuel and oil, and other supplies.

Second, when tourists spend time in our area, they learn about other events throughout the year encouraging additional visits. When people have excellent visitor experiences, they tell their family and friends so awareness builds exponentially, as does the resulting economic impact.

Third, people who have a wonderful day trip or weekend experience start to consider a more permanent arrangement of buying a cottage or home, starting a business, or retiring in the area. New residents contribute new ideas and volunteer time to further improve the area, adding even more activities and amenities to benefit visitors and residents alike.

If you have an idea for a tourism-related business or experience, reach out and let’s work together to make your dream a reality. Even if you aren’t thinking about starting a business, we’d love you to share your thoughts in our online survey about how you think Sunrise Corner should grow from a tourism or other sector perspective.

Monique Chenier