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December 2022 Economic Development Update:

December has always been a month of giving and gratitude. Volunteering is a gift of time you give to causes and organizations you care about. Whether it’s doing park improvements at the community club, driving seniors to appointments, coaching a kids’ sports team, or sharing our culture and history at a local museum, now’s the time to consider what you can do in 2023.

Don’t forget, volunteering can be done at any age. Everyone has something to give that will help improve our communities. Why not encourage each member of your family to make a commitment this year?

Children: spend time playing games with seniors or raise money through a lemonade stand, donating the proceeds to a cause you care about

Youth: volunteer to help figure out what you might want to do as a career, the experience you gain will definitely build up your resume for post-secondary, scholarship and job applications

Young Adults: offer manual labour to your community or church, whether it’s building a wheelchair ramp for seniors, cleaning out flower beds, or assembling picnic tables at your local community club

Parents: show your children the value of giving back to your community, support your kids on school fundraisers by encouraging them to put in the effort themselves, not doing it all for them

Seniors: volunteering helps you stay socially active and connected, so even if you’re not able to drive or do manual labour, there are always opportunities to make phone calls or sell fundraising tickets.

Sunrise Corner Launches WorkFinder

Whether you’re looking for a volunteer opportunity, a full-time paid job, or a contract position, Sunrise Corner’s WorkFinder will be the place online to find what you’re looking for in southeast Manitoba. Employers, we invite you to post all job openings on WorkFinder free of charge. The only parameter we have is that opportunities are located within the RMs of Piney or Stuartburn, or neighbouring communities within easy driving distance. Non-profit organizations and community clubs are also welcome to post their unpaid volunteer openings as well as any paid jobs. Opportunity seekers, use the categories to narrow down your search like volunteer, full-time or part-time to find the paid or unpaid work that’s waiting for you. Visit WorkFinder today.

We hope this new FREE tool will help connect residents of all ages with the opportunities they’re seeking. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to chat.

All the best to residents, families and friends as we wrap up 2022 and head into a New Year.

Monique Chenier