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March 2024 Economic Development Update:

In a region as large and sparsely populated as Sunrise Corner, with the RMs of Piney and Stuartburn home to about 3600 residents over 3600 sq km, we benefit from strategic, regional partnerships to create opportunities that individual municipalities alone could not normally achieve. A recent quote from author Gail Lynne Goodwin really summed it up: “Collaboration and cooperation will beat competition every time.” Here are some of the ways we are creating regional opportunities.

Sharing knowledge and resources. The RMs of Piney and Stuartburn are benefitting from the knowledge and resources of one another. Our collaboration by sharing ideas and resources encourages innovative solutions to common challenges. e.g. Since 2014, the Stuartburn-Piney Weed Board has been taking action that benefits farmers and producers economically and environmentally, and provides local jobs.

Enhancing service delivery. Partnerships are allowing for the delivery of more efficient and enhanced services tailored to our community. e.g. The Stuartburn-Piney Building Inspector ensures construction and safety standards are adhered to in new buildings, and gives recommendations to ensure project success. This local solution keeps jobs and building permit fees here to further strengthen our region.

Focusing on building a strong region. Successful partnerships of neighbouring municipalities work towards securing regional investment to provide new services. e.g. The South East Rural Transportation Initiative (SERTi) spearheaded by the RM of Piney includes the RM of Stuartburn and a dozen other municipalities and towns seeking to provide transportation options in southeast Manitoba.

Planning for growth. Cooperative approaches are allowing municipalities to advocate for infrastructure they would otherwise be unable to provide. e.g. An informal partnership of the RMs of Piney, Stuartburn and Emerson-Franklin have been advocating for the upgrade of PTH 201 to benefit local businesses and producers in getting supplies in and products out to market.

Increasing ease of doing business. Consistent processes reduce complexities and risk for developers, providing a more attractive region where companies know they can invest and have common standards. e.g. Sunrise Corner’s soon-to-be-launched business attraction strategy will provide information and tools to streamline the process for developers and investors.

Sharing risk, control and benefits. Partnerships are generating solutions to resolve local issues to collectively meet the needs of residents. e.g. The BPPS Waste Management partnership of Buffalo Point First Nation and the RMs of Piney and Stuartburn provides waste and recycling services since our previous provider discontinued services in our region. The joint initiative ensures local control of essential services and keeps jobs and infrastructure investment in our region.

Increasing quality of life. Working in partnership with other levels of government and the private sector is improving the quality of life in our region, thereby attracting more tourists and residents, and enticing businesses to relocate and grow here. e.g. Shared Legacy Partnership is a collaboration of RM of Stuartburn, Nature Conservancy of Canada, Sunrise Corner and the Province of Manitoba to help advance understanding of the wonder of Manitoba’s unique and endangered Tall Grass Prairie Natural Area, its relationship with agriculture, and the natural heritage that benefits us all.

Partnerships will continue to be key approach in creating a more efficient, effective and innovative Sunrise Corner region. If you have any partnership ideas, please feel free to reach out to discuss.

Monique Chenier