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March 2021 Economic Development Update:

The Piney Stuartburn Economic Development Board, the guiding force behind Sunrise Corner, has completed their strategic planning process.

We got feedback from residents through online surveys and in-person, socially-distanced community consultations. We reviewed past planning documents and looked at what other regions are doing. Finally, we surveyed the PSED board and spent a day with a facilitator to narrow down all the opportunities. As a result, we have determined five priorities to focus on over the next five years:

  1. Business Development – support growth of existing businesses, promote the launch of new businesses, encourage home-based businesses, and seek innovative ways to fill gaps of needed products and services in the area.
  2. Housing Strategy – encourage innovative new ways to provide housing for seniors and families as well as accommodations for tourists and temporary workers.
  3. Tourism Expansion – promote our existing incredible destinations and create five new tourism products over the next five years.
  4. Marketing our Region – promote existing business and raise awareness of the region for development of new businesses, housing and tourism.
  5. Governance – review the governance and structure for the organization so that we can better respond to economic development opportunities.

From this research and discussion, we also determined a vision, mission and values for the Sunrise Corner organization:

Our Vision represents what Sunrise Corner believes the citizens want the community to be like in the future:

Sunrise Corner is an incredible place to live, work, play, visit, invest and explore, known for sustainable economic development balancing exceptional rural quality of life.

Our Mission describes Sunrise Corner’s reason for being, capturing the essence of our core purpose:

To deliver forward-thinking economic development services and opportunities in Sunrise Corner so that:
BUSINESSES receive the support they need to thrive;
EMPLOYEES have satisfying work to provide for their families;
CONSUMERS find the quality products and services they need;
VISITORS appreciate and share their experiences; and
RESIDENTS live well, proud of their communities.

Our Values are the ideals we refuse to compromise as we conduct our mission in pursuit of our vision.

Accountability: We are transparent in our use of public funds to create opportunities.
Collaboration: We build strong relationships with our diverse community stakeholders.
Integrity: We value all perspectives and treat everyone with honesty and respect.
Leadership: We are creative and innovative, thinking beyond today to deliver future value.
Sustainability: We measure success by balancing quality of life with stable growth.

We look forward to achieving steady progress on our mission, grounded in our values, ultimately making our vision a reality. The full 2021 strategic plan is available on our website, as are the 2019 and 2016 plans that helped give Sunrise Corner its start. Learn more >

Monique Chenier