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November 2022 Economic Development Update:

Sunrise Corner is excited to announce we have published our first ever Community Profile. A community profile is a snapshot of a community at any point in time. These profiles are used primarily to attract investment and to develop a strategy for future developments in a community. Our profile provides statistics from Canada’s 2021 Census and outlines all the ways Sunrise Corner is an incredible place to live, work, play, visit, invest and explore.


With breathing space and room to grow, entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in southeast Manitoba. For companies and their employees who value sustainability, community pride, and quality of life. We invite you to invest in Sunrise Corner in southeast Manitoba. Where opportunity shines.


Recent worldwide events have forced people to rethink what’s truly important: family, friends, health, social connection, self sufficiency. And now that many have figured out how to work from home or are starting their own business, they’re realizing that is is possible to consider alternatives to city living. We invite you to work in Sunrise Corner in southeast Manitoba. Where opportunity shines.


Family time around a backyard bonfire, trail riding right outside your back door, or the satisfaction of growing your own food are better than the often-frantic pace and crowds of the city. You get to know your neighbours. There’s true community spirit. We invite you to live in Sunrise Corner in southeast Manitoba. Where nature shines.

Play, Visit & Explore

If there’s one thing people have come to understand, it’s that taking the time to enjoy life is time well invested. They now realize there’s value in hiking through red pine forests and tall grass prairies, fishing on a sparkling river, or rediscovering the past at historic cultural sites. We invite you to play, visit and explore Sunrise Corner in southeast Manitoba. Where nature shines.

If you know someone who is interested in learning more about the opportunity to invest in Sunrise Corner, I would be more than happy to meet with them or send them a letter of introduction along with a hard-copy version of the Community Profile. Just send me an email with contact info.

Monique Chenier

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