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February 2023 Economic Development Update:

The phrase “location, location, location” is often heard when it comes to retail businesses. A high-profile location certainly can help increase the chances of your business success. But what about in a rural area like Sunrise Corner which has about 3,600 people across 17 small communities spread over 3,600 sq km? Location in your community may still be important, but it takes more than the population of a single community to ensure the success of any small business.

In our vast region, the most important factors are that potential customers know your business exists and where you’re located. The majority of people in our region absolutely want to support local businesses, but literally don’t know they exist, so go to larger trading centres. And with so many new people moving to our area, word of mouth isn’t what it used to be when everyone knew everyone else.

That’s where having a strong online presence is critical. That may sound daunting to a small business owner who doesn’t have the technical know-how to build a website or figure out social media. That’s where Sunrise Corner has stepped in to help by creating an online directory. Best of all, listings are free for Sunrise Corner-based businesses and instructions are on the website to help you add or update your listing. If you need assistance, send me an email – I am more than happy to add the listing for you.

Visit the Sunrise Corner online directory where you can search by community, category or key word. We may have added a basic listing for your business, but we can enhance it with photos, promotions and product/service features and benefits.

Customers: Take some time to check out the businesses in your community, you may be surprised at what you find. Guaranteed, you’ll learn about a local product or service you need but hadn’t heard of before.

Monique Chenier

For those who prefer a paper copy of the directory, we’re working to convert the current online directory to a hard copy booklet that will be available at the RM offices in Vassar and Vita. Watch our Facebook page to learn when it will be available.