Pine View Campground

The Pine View Campground is located in the beautiful Sandilands Provincial Forest just outside of Woodridge. The campground boasts of year-round cabin rentals and an R.V. park. Their cottages are quaint and rustic, interspersed in the pine trees. Whether you’re in the area to hunt, fish or use the ATV trails, the Pine View Campground is a great option!

To book, call: (204) 429-2027

Vassar Baseball Diamonds- Campground

Takevassar baseball diamonds a trip to the Vassar Baseball Diamonds and be surrounded by the beautiful Sandilands Provincial Forest while you camp, play or swim. The Vassar Baseball Diamonds are set on beautiful grounds surrounded by pine trees. Not only is therevassar a covered picnic shelter and multiple baseball diamonds, but there is a camping area, a pool and a playground. Whether you want some old-fashioned fun or a camping trip with the kids, the Vassar Baseball Diamonds are a great place to go.