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Tucked away in the south east corner of Manitoba, Sunrise Corner has so much untapped potential for tourism and business opportunity.

Sunrise Corner is a large geographic area – almost 3,600 square kilometers of stunning natural beauty, small-town community spirit and amazing quality of life that is second to none. And we want everyone to know about it.

On the tourism side, Sunrise Corner markets the area to visitors from outside our region as well as encouraging local staycations. On the economic development side, Sunrise Corner promotes business and community development opportunities within the borders of the two municipalities. We work closely with local community groups to support the events, festivals, markets and fundraising activities that contribute to the exceptional quality of life in our region. Our friendly people, diverse cultural attractions and outstanding natural areas draw in visitors, which in turn supports local businesses – it’s all interconnected.

In addition to an active online presence through our website and social media, we participate in activities both within and outside our borders that further promote tourism and economic development in our region. We are also in regular touch with local media interested in hearing what’s going on in Sunrise Corner – we welcome your good news stories to share.

Reach out to learn how we can support you. info@sunrisecornermb.ca