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Sunrise Corner team members come to the table with a range of experience and expertise to guide the sustainable growth of this region.

Sunrise Corner is governed by the Piney Stuartburn Economic Development District Board, which was formed by resolution of the Municipal Councils of the RMs Piney and Stuartburn in September 2019.

The Board is made up of two councillors from each of the two municipalities with support from both chief administrative officers. Since November 2019, Sunrise Corner has been staffed by a full-time economic development manager, and we have employed a summer student the past four years to work on various tourism initiatives.

The depth of experience and widely varied backgrounds of the Sunrise Corner team provides a valuable resource to business owners seeking growth, entrepreneurs dreaming of launching a new business, and community groups looking to promote successful tried-and-true initiatives as well as thinking outside the box with new opportunities.

Reach out to learn how we can support you. info@sunrisecornermb.ca