M.A. Querel Community ParkSouth Junction Park

The M.A. Querel Community Park in Woodridge is peacefully surrounded by forest and features a baseball diamond, children’s play area and picnic shelter. It’s the perfect place to stop, stretch your legs and take in a whiff of fresh air.

 J.L. Sturk Memorial Park

The J.L. Sturk Memorial Park in South Junction is home to events like Canada Day and local baseball tournaments. It features a baseball diamond, a covered picnic area and kid’s play structures. Whether you’re driving through with the kids and need a rest stop, or you’re coming out for Canada Day on June 30, the park is a peaceful place to stop and enjoy the day.

 The Gardenton ParkThe Gardenton Park

The Gardenton Park is a sprawling community park that features a hall, an outdoor stage and the Ukrainian Heritage Museum. The Gardenton Park is home to events like the Gardenton Festival, fall suppers, bake sales, dances and more. The park also boasts the Gardenton Hill, a local landmark known for winter sledding. There is also a playground and a baseball diamond.

Vassar Baseball Diamondsvassar baseball diamonds

Take a trip to the Vassar Baseball Diamonds and be surrounded by the beautiful Sandilands Provincial Forest while you camp, play or swim. The Vassar Baseball Diamonds are set on beautiful grounds surrounded by pine trees. The baseball parks features three diamonds, a pool and covered picnic shelter, and a campground! Whether you want some old-fashioned fun or a camping trip with the kids, the Vassar Baseball Diamonds are a great place to go.