Sprague & District Historical Museumsprague museum

The Sprague & District Historical Museum is one of those ‘Must-See’ locations in Sunrise Corner. Preserving some of the
oldest culture in the area, the museum showcases local artifacts such as an old barber shop, a canoe from the 19th century and a tribute to the local veterans.

In every building,
there are carefully assembled displays that include books and educational material, all put together by caring volunteers.
See a journal and some stockings belonging to the town’s founder, or read up on the old cemeteries in the area. There’s something to see from every part of the district – from clothing, to pictures, to household items.

Come and learn some of the astonishing, interesting and moving stories from around the RM of Piney at this historical central.

Gardenton museumThe Gardenton Ukrainian Museum

The Ukrainian Museum, located in the Gardenton Park, is a small treasury of local culture. It features household items, traditional clothing and farming tools – donated by locals. The museum is a precious piece of the area’s history and is worth the trip to see! Visit it during the Gardenton Festival, or call in advance: (204) 425-8197