The Southeast Farmer’s Market

southeast farmer's marketCheery vendors and a taste of community awaits you at the Southeast Farmer’s Market in South Junction.

From instruments, to homemade baked goods, to clothing and home decor, this small town brings it all to their summer market.

southeast farmer's marketLocated off Hwy 12 at the Pine Grove Seniors Centre, you can’t miss those white top tents! Come by Fridays from 3-8 PM and support local products.

Runs until September 8, 2017!southeast farmer's market


Gardenton Hosts Angel’s Cabin!

Saturday was a big day for Gardenton as they hosted local bands for their annual Angel’s Cabin concert.

Angel’s Cabin is a local music company that works to bring local artists to the stage.

The bands were all unique – featuring country, rock, singer-songwriter and more. Some singing original music, and some playing well-known covers. Some came all the way from Winnipeg to perform for the small crowd that gathered.

Don’t miss next year’s Angel’s Cabin concert!

The Gardenton Ukrainian Festival

The Gardenton Festival is a time for Ukrainians to come together in celebration of their culture. It’s also a time to meet new friends, relive memories and bust out your dance moves!

Saturday, July 15 was a smashing success. The weather held out for an outdoor stage show with four amazing dance groups to entertain the crowd with dances from different regions of Ukraine. There were also local musicians, kid’s activities, beer gardens, and amazing homemade Ukrainian cuisine!

In the evening, locals and dancers gathered for a Zabava (Ukrainian dance party) to culminate the day – waltzes, two-steps and hot polkas were brought to you by the Starlites.

The whole day was charged with cultural pride and showcased a large range of talent. Be sure to make it out next year!

Be Wildlife Smart!

Sunrise Corner is abundant in wildlife such as Black Bears, wolves, coyotes, snapping turtles, birds of prey, racoons and more! Be wildlife smart this summer by following our wildlife guide:

black bear crossing driveway
Black Bear crossing driveway

1. Don’t corner or provoke. Wild animals will generally avoid humans if they aren’t provoked or cornered.

2. Talk, sing, and make noise when you walk through bear country. This makes them aware you’re coming so they can avoid you.

3. Walk, don’t run! Walk slowly away if faced by a wild animal.

4. When camping, don’t leave food in your tent. Instead, keep it in a vehicle or hang it high from a tree branch.

5. Don’t leave children unattended! There have been lots of bear sightings in Sunrise Corner. Stay safe and watch your kids.

6. Don’t try to touch, hold or interact with baby animals in the wild. This can cause the mother animal to reject her young.

7. Be calm. We share this area with the wildlife and can cohabitate peacefully.


St-Labre 200

St-Labre 200, an annual go cart building-and-racing competition got underway Friday, July 7.Homemade Go Cart in St-Labre

On Friday, teams built their go carts. On Saturday, the day kicked off with drone races and qualifying laps. Drone races are incredibly hard to watch because the sheer speed with which these little machines whir through the air.

Homemade Drone at St-Labre
Homemade Drone

Drone Races in St-Labre


The races of the day included an alumni race, powder puff race and an ‘old farts’ race. 20 laps around the track to determine a winner. There was mud, flipped go carts, victories and screaming fans.go cart racing

At six o’clock the main race started – of 200 hundred laps followed by bands and celebration.

It was a wild time at St-Labre 200.

Weather Holds out for Canada Day!

Canada Day in Sunrise Corner was wild – with fireworks, live bands, rodeo and sports – people from all over came out to celebrate Canada’s 150 years!

Festivities started in South Junction, where crowds gathered for free hot dogs, cookies, local bands and fireworks. The show was spectacular!

The next morning in Vita, parade entries took to the streets despite the rain clouds. The day cleared up to be warm and sunny – perfect for an afternoon of baseball and rodeo!

The Heartland Rodeo brought bull riding, bronc riding, steer wrestling and a lot more to the festival grounds! It was a show to remember.

As the sky turned darker, the lights came up and Quinton Blaire performed live for a music video – at the same time entertaining the crowds gathered in the beer gardens to wait for fireworks.

The fireworks in Vita are renowned for being the best in eastern Manitoba. Canfire did not disappoint! The display was the best yet.

Here in Sunrise Corner, we’re proud to be Canadian. It sure shows in our celebrations!

Fireworks at Vita Canada Day
Fireworks at Vita Canada Day


Get Ready for Canada Day!

Canada will be 150 years old in less than a month!

Vlaasta Enns, 91, of Middlebro is showing off her creativity with her Canada-themed flowerbed and quilt!ideas for Canada Day

How are you planning to celebrate?

Attend Events!

South Junction – Fireworks

Canada Day events are popular ways to celebrate Canada’s birthday, with food stands,

fireworks and rodeos. This year, events are going to be over the top because we’ve hit 150! Plan on attending Canada Day in South Junction on

Vita Canada Day Rodeo

June 30th at 8:30 pm with local entertainment and fireworks! Then wake up bright and early for Vita’s Canada Day parade on July 1st. There will be kid’s activities, rodeo and much more!

Decorate Your Yard!

The RM of Stuartburn is holding a yard decorating contest for Canada Day this year! Deck those flowerbeds and hang your flags for cash prizes! To register your lawn call: 425-3218 or email:

Cook Canadian

Celebrate with a full stomach by trying out some authentic Canadian recipes! Get your mouth watering with some homemade poutine or lobster mac n’ cheese. Use ingredients like pure maple syrup, bacon and beer!

Learn Our History

There’s nothing more celebratory than learning about our history. The Sprague and District Museum has an informative display on Canada and the RM of Piney’s role in the last 150 years. To learn more about Ukrainian culture in Canada, visit the Gardenton

Gardenton Museum
Ukrainian school house in Gardenton

Ukrainian Museum. Canada is rich in culture and heritage. Learn your local history!

sprague museum


Susydka Dance Recital

On Saturday the Susydka dancers from Vita twirled and clicked their heels at their annual recital.

The Susydka Ukrainian Dance Club has come a long way in the last five years, winning awards and gold medals in Ukrainian dancing under their talented instructor from Ukraine. The dancers show off their pride for Ukrainian culture through their graceful arms, strong footwork and brilliant smiles.

The afternoon featured traditional dances from the Poltava, Transcarpathian and Bukovynian regions as well as fun character dances like ‘The Gossiping Babas’ and a dance featuring sibling rivalry over a tambourine.

Susydka performs at many other venues throughout the year, including the Folklorama Kiev Pavilion and the Gardenton Festival. Keep your eyes open for your talented local dance club!

susydka dancersSusydka dancers
susykda dancers