Three Activities For Your February Bonus Day

Trying to make plans for your extra day this February? Here are some fun daytime activities you can do with friends or family, all in Sunrise Corner in southeastern Manitoba.

February is Bird Feeding Month

Explore Manitoba’s Pine to Prairie International Birding Trail to sight birds and spread some kindness this winter.

Spur Woods Wildlife Management Area and the Caliento Bog

Located about six kilometers west of Piney, MB you’ll find old red pines and a rolling landscape. Pack up your snowshoes or your skis and go out looking for grouse, woodpeckers, golden-crowned kinglet, dark-eyed juncos and owls. Trails follow the old railway spur line. They are rough and not maintained. Please use caution.

Tall Grass Prairie Preserve

In the largest remnant of tall grass prairie left in Manitoba there are more than 100 species of birds nesting. Walk, ski or snowshoe the leisurely Prairie Shore Trail just southwest of Gardenton, MB on Provincial Road 209, and the Agassiz Interpretive Trail west of Vita, MB on Provincial Road 201. Look for grouse, Sedge Wrens, sparrows and more.

Rat River Wildlife Management Area

This large wildlife area is active in the summers with waterfowl and birds. The marsh is six kilometers east of Highway 59 on Road 16N, just south of Rosa, MB. The dike is high and good for walking. Look for grouse, woodpeckers, wrens, sparrows, black birds and many other varieties.

For more detailed information on Manitoba’s birding review routes 15, 16 &

Map taken from the Manitoba Pine to Prairie Birding Trail guide.

17 on pages 22-24 of Manitoba’s Pine to Prairie International Birding Trail guide:

What to Feed the Birds

Bird feed mixes often come with a lot of unhealthy additives. Here are some safe options for bird feeding:

  • Black-oil sunflower seeds
  • Shelled peanuts
  • Suet
  • Safflower
  • Cracked corn
  • Fruit

Please be aware that some of these bird treats will attract other wildlife as well. For more information on what to feed wild birds in the winter, visit:

Public Skating

Get out your skates and head out to the communities of Sprague, Vita and Woodridge to enjoy their free and maintained ice rinks. After a fun game of hockey, wrap your hands around a hot mug of coffee or hot cocoa at one of our family restaurants or convenience stores: the Vintage Corner Store (Woodridge), the Vita Hotel or Eva’s Hospitality (Vita), or the Sprague Hotel.


Sunrise Corner is home to 17 geocaches spread all over the Rural Municipalities of Piney and Stuartburn. Move from community to community to discover heritage, nature and hidden treasure. And don’t forget to bring your winter clothes – you may have to walk a little ways! Check out for instructions and GPS coordinates to all of Sunrise Corner Tourism’s geocaches.

Remember to bring a GPS device and compass with you (GoogleMaps can work if you have cell service), and warm clothes.

Ski or Snowshoe Across Our Corner

Tired of staring at the walls this winter? Bundle up and get out to southeastern Manitoba, because Sunrise Corner has miles of open trails for you to explore. Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are both fun and sustainable ways to explore nature while getting a refreshing workout.


Sandilands Provincial Forest

The Sandilands Provincial Forest in the Rural Municipality of Piney is home to majestic pines, a plethora of wildlife and incredible fresh air. In the summer, trails are used to pick wild berries, horseback ride, mountain bike and for ATVing. In the winter, it is a prime spot to cross-country ski and snowshoe. Trails stretch from Marchand to the town of Sandilands. 

Tall Grass Prairie Preserve


The Tall Grass Prairie Preserve in the Rural Municipality of Stuartburn stretches for miles across bushland and open grasslands. Two interpretive trails are open in both summer and winter: The Prairie Shore Interpretive Trail, and the Agassiz Interpretive Trail. These trails are perfect for snowshoeing or skiing. However, if you’re up to go exploring, there are acres of open Preserve, waiting to be explored on foot (non-motorized recreation only).

Tips For Exploring Safely

Sunrise Corner is an extremely vast wilderness area of the province with poor cellular service in many areas. Many trails are unmarked, unmapped and remote. Safety is paramount.

  • Consult the RM of Piney or RM of Stuartburn offices for maps of the area before venturing out into the backwoods – check their websites for office hours
  • Carry a compass and a paper map
  • Always tell someone where you are going and what time you’re expected to return
  • Bring a friend or two with you
  • Dress for the weather, and for unexpected weather
  • Be sure to bring along food and water
  • Carry a radio if you are concerned about cellular service

After your epic day of snowshoeing or skiing, why not relax at one of our local restaurants? You can’t go wrong topping off your day with a hot drink, delicious meal and friendly service.

Blueberries, Saskatoons, Oh My!

Saskatoons and blueberries are some of Sunrise Corner’s tastiest secrets.

The season started in early July and will continue for another couple weeks. Berry picking is a great activity to do with a friend, or solo. It’s time to spend in nature, listening to the birds and taking in the smells of nature. And at the end of the day you’ll have pails full of little treasures for your freezer, jams or pies. Read more

Art that Makes A Difference

In a log cabin surrounded by fragrant tall pines in Woodridge, MB rests Stitched Art, a small business run by Lynette Ruta.

When I walk through the door, sewing machines, colourful thread and materials, and intricate hand crafts decorate the space. It’s clear this isn’t just a hobby – it’s a lifestyle. Read more

More Than Just a Greenhouse

It’s a sunny afternoon in mid-May when I decided to visit Prevost Perennials in South Junction, MB. I’m greeted by the songs of birds, creeping vines, exotic fruits and potted flowers spilling out of every corner.

John and Margie Prevost started the greenhouse 24 years ago as a hobby – an excuse to do some creative landscaping. Read more

Family-Friendly Events (that aren’t in the city!)

Want to get some fresh air this summer? Bring on the fun with these family-friendly events that aren’t in the city!

Get down to your roots, explore new places, and find relaxation with these action-packed events in Sunrise Corner. Here, you’ll find culture, community spirit and natural beauty all rolled into the place we call home.
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