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Supporting local businesses and organizations

October 2023 Economic Development Update: Fall is often considered a time of new beginnings with the start of the school year. It is also the final stretch towards the end of the year. However you look at this time of year, there’s no better time to commit to lending more support to local events, businesses […]

Make Memories With Your Big-City Friends

September 2023 Economic Development Update: Pretty much everyone has friends or family that live in large cities. Some locals don’t invite their friends to visit because they feel like there’s nothing to do. No dance or sports clubs, no theatres, no fancy restaurants. Keep in mind, people who live in big cities already have access […]

Support Local This Summer

August 2023 Economic Development Update: With summer in full swing, Sunrise Corner wants to remind everyone that supporting local means more than just shopping locally. It also means moral support. Here are some no-cost, online ways to support our local businesses.

Introducing Shared Legacy Partnership

July 2023 Economic Development Update: After three years of consultation and planning, we are thrilled to officially announce the Shared Legacy Partnership. Our goal is to help advance understanding of the wonder of Manitoba’s Tall Grass Prairie Natural Area, its relationship with agriculture, and the natural heritage that benefits all residents.

RESULTS: How do YOU think Sunrise Corner should grow?

June 2023 Economic Development Update: In April 2023, Sunrise Corner Economic Development hosted an in-person focus group workshop at Piney Community Hall. We invited a targeted list of residents representing business, industries and community groups to share their ideas as it relates to growth and economic development in the region. This workshop complemented a survey […]

Value of local job and business listings

May 2023 Economic Development Update: There are some rural businesses that operate exclusively by word of mouth. Their new customers or employees come through referrals from customers, friends and neighbours. That approach works…to a point. If businesses want to be more strategic in finding ideal customers or qualified employees, they might consider casting their net […]

Sunrise Corner Summer Job Opportunity

Sunrise Corner is the tourism and economic development partnership of the Rural Municipalities of Piney and Stuartburn. We are now accepting applications for a Tourism Marketing Coordinator position that could tentatively run from May to August 2023 (pending receipt of the Canada Summer Jobs Grant). We are looking for an enthusiastic individual with a passion […]

Why is tourism an important economic driver?

April 2023 Economic Development Update: According to Travel Manitoba: “Tourism in Manitoba is a $1.47 billion industry, representing 2.5% of the province’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and some 10.5 million visitors to Manitoba (2015 figures).” With the incredible natural assets and friendly people in Sunrise Corner, we have significant untapped tourism potential. Tourism is an […]

How do YOU think Sunrise Corner should grow?

March 2023 Economic Development Update: Sunrise Corner is working on an investment readiness assessment and business attraction strategy. What’s that? It’s an in-depth plan and comprehensive toolkit to promote Sunrise Corner as an incredible place to live, work, play, visit, invest and explore, known for sustainable economic development balancing exceptional rural quality of life.

Photo/Videographer? Send us your proposal.

Sunrise Corner is seeking qualified vendors to provide a quote on a suite of high-quality photographic and video assets. Deadline for submissions is Monday, February 13, 2023. Please see Request for Proposal for complete details.

Businesses: Are your customers able to find you?

February 2023 Economic Development Update: The phrase “location, location, location” is often heard when it comes to retail businesses. A high-profile location certainly can help increase the chances of your business success. But what about in a rural area like Sunrise Corner which has about 3,600 people across 17 small communities spread over 3,600 sq […]

Attracting the Right Kind of Development

January 2023 Economic Development Update: Since creating a formal, staffed economic development partnership in 2019, the RMs of Piney and Stuartburn have consistently heard from residents that they know development is needed in the region, but they don’t want the negative impacts that can come with development. That’s why the focus of Sunrise Corner Economic […]

Time to Think About Giving Back

December 2022 Economic Development Update: December has always been a month of giving and gratitude. Volunteering is a gift of time you give to causes and organizations you care about. Whether it’s doing park improvements at the community club, driving seniors to appointments, coaching a kids’ sports team, or sharing our culture and history at […]

Sunrise Corner Publishes Community Profile

November 2022 Economic Development Update: Sunrise Corner is excited to announce we have published our first ever Community Profile. A community profile is a snapshot of a community at any point in time. These profiles are used primarily to attract investment and to develop a strategy for future developments in a community.

Directory Makes it Easy to Shop Local

October 2022 Economic Development Update: Shopping locally supports business sustainability, creates jobs and is more environmentally friendly. To support the “shop local” philosophy, Sunrise Corner created a new online directory that promotes businesses and organizations that are physically located the RMs of Piney and Stuartburn.

Step 8: Launch Your Business

September 2022 Economic Development Update: The reasons for starting a business are as varied as the entrepreneurs who start those businesses. Maybe you want to be your own boss and in control of your earning power. Perhaps you have a new product to introduce to the world. It could be you have a vision to […]

Step 7: What’s in a business name?

August 2022 Economic Development Update: Every business needs a name and there are many things to consider when choosing a name. It should be memorable and easy to spell and pronounce. Quirky spelling might be unique but can make it difficult for a customer to find your business online. The name should be representative of […]

Step 6: Implement Your Marketing Plan

July 2022 Economic Development Update: You’re starting a business and you’ve followed the five steps so far: came up with your big idea, conducted research, determined your business structure, wrote a business plan and worked through your financials. Now it’s time to implement the marketing plan section of your business plan. The “4 Ps of […]

Step 5: Understand Your Financials

June 2022 Economic Development Update: People start businesses for all kinds of reasons, but bottom-line, the business needs to make a profit to be sustainable. Whether it’s a solopreneur’s full-time livelihood or starting a business with employees, the owner must understand the financial aspects of their business. It’s time to create a financial plan.

Step 4: Write Your Business Plan

May 2022 Economic Development Update: Writing a business plan is the process that gets all those business-related thoughts running through your head down on paper. It helps set you up for success by outlining all aspects of your business before you’ve invested a significant amount of time and money.

Step 3: Determine Your Business Structure

April 2022 Economic Development Update: Determining the legal structure is an important part of starting a business. There are a number of options from simple to more complex. Whether it’s a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or co-operative, the structure determines personal, tax and legal liabilities, so it’s critical to understand the pros and cons for […]

Sunrise Corner Summer Job Opportunity

Sunrise Corner is the tourism and economic development partnership of the Rural Municipalities of Piney and Stuartburn. We are now accepting applications for a Tourism Marketing Coordinator position that could start as early as May and run through to August 2022 (pending approval of the Canada Summer Jobs Grant).

Step 2: Research Your Business Idea

March 2022 Economic Development Update: So, you want to start your own business. You’ve done some soul-searching and determined a big idea for your start-up. It’s something you’re good at and something you enjoy. Great. What’s next? “Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.” Zora Neale Hurston, American Anthropologist

Another Year of Double-Digit Growth in Sunrise Corner

February 1, 2022 (Vassar/Vita, Manitoba) – The year-end accounting of residential building permits is in and the numbers confirm that the Rural Municipalities of Piney and Stuartburn have experienced another year of positive building growth in 2021.

Step 1: Start Your Business with a Big Idea

February 2022 Economic Development Update: If 2022 was the year for something new, what would that look like for you? Perhaps your “something new” is starting a business and becoming your own boss. If so, Sunrise Corner is here to provide you with resources and guidance to point you in the best direction to meet […]

Sunrise Corner’s Online Directory is Now Live

January 2022 Economic Development Update: It’s a new year and we’ve got exciting news – our online directory is now live on the Sunrise Corner website. We are proud to help raise awareness about all the businesses, non-profits and organizations in our region that add so much to our communities. And by doing so, we […]

Give the Gift of Supporting Local

December 2021 Economic Development Update: With the holiday season upon us, Sunrise Corner wants to remind everyone that supporting local means more than just shopping locally. It also means moral support. Inspired by a recent Piney Regional Chamber of Commerce social media post, here are some no-cost, online ways to support our local businesses.

Local Business Promotion Made Easy

There are so many great small businesses in our region and Sunrise Corner Economic Development is proud to promote and help grow these businesses that add so much to our communities. We’ve got two initiatives coming up that will provide online platforms for local businesses based in the RMs of Piney and Stuartburn to reach […]

Sustainably Developing Sunrise Corner

November 2021 Economic Development Update: Sunrise Corner is focused on developing our region to present new opportunities to residents in a sustainable way that preserves the rural quality of life we all love. Here are a few of the initiatives we’ve been working on.

Small Business Exit Strategy – Part II

October 2021 Economic Development Update: When I started a marketing agency years ago with two partners, the first thing our lawyer asked: What’s your exit strategy? We laughed because we hadn’t even opened our business yet but were being asked how it would end. But it’s no laughing matter.

Small Business Exit Strategy – Part I

September 2021 Economic Development Update: All business owners should have an exit strategy, a plan for the owner to exit their business while the business continues to operate for the benefit of employees, customers, suppliers and the community.

Customer Service Tips

August 2021 Economic Development Update: One of the great things about doing business in small communities is that business owners and customers are often on a first-name basis – they are friends, family and neighbours. But that friendly small-town way of doing business shouldn’t mean that basic customer service is ignored.

Moving Towards Reopening

July 2021 Economic Development Update: As Manitoba hits its first vaccination target and we hear about the US border potentially opening on July 5 to those who are fully vaccinated, many businesses, especially those who rely on tourists, are looking forward to sunnier days ahead. Here are three resources to help those businesses put their […]

Assistance for Community Volunteers

June 2021 Economic Development Update: Sunrise Corner recognizes the volunteers who work tirelessly to fundraise and maintain their community buildings. These community halls and related facilities like skating rinks, pools, tennis courts and curling arenas are truly the social heart of each community.

Telling Your Business Story Online

May 2021 Economic Development Update: So many small businesses in Sunrise Corner – makers, bakers, artisans, authors and tradespeople like carpenters, plumbers and electricians – are operated from home. If you’re one of these entrepreneurs without a bricks-and-mortar storefront or huge advertising budget, how can you get the word out about your products or services?

Win with Our Website Scavenger Hunt

Sunrise Corner has launched a new website and to get you familiar with all the great resources, we’re hosting a scavenger hunt contest where all the answers to the questions can be found on the website. It’s just nine easy steps to winning gift cards to local businesses.

New Sunrise Corner Website Launched

April 2021 Economic Development Update: Sunrise Corner is the partnership of the RMs of Piney and Stuartburn promoting the southeast corner of Manitoba as an incredible place to live, work, play, visit, invest and explore. And what better way to do that than with this new and improved website.

Deciphering the “alphabet soup” of conservation

While the Nature Conservancy of Canada has long been a private landowner in the RM of Stuartburn, working on conservation in and around the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve, residents of Sunrise Corner may have been hearing more about them lately.

Sunrise Corner’s Path Forward

March 2021 Economic Development Update: The Piney Stuartburn Economic Development Board, the guiding force behind Sunrise Corner, has completed their strategic planning process.

Passionate about Sunrise Corner?

Sunrise Corner is seeking a Tourism Marketing Coordinator for a seasonal employment opportunity.

News Release: Positive Growth in 2020

RMs of Piney and Stuartburn enjoyed increased development in 2020

Seeking Landscape Master Plan for Recreation Areas

Sunrise Corner’s 2020 strategic planning process identified a goal of creating five new tourism products over the next five years.

Give the Gift of Shopping Local This Christmas

So many Sunrise Corner businesses have stepped up during the pandemic to ensure we have local access to the products and services we need and want. With the holiday season just around the corner, now’s a great time for us to show our appreciation.

Sunrise Corner Salutes Our Local Essential Businesses

On this #ThankYouThursday, Sunrise Corner would like to extend our appreciation to the essential retailers that have really gone above and beyond in recent months. The pandemic has clearly shown how important small-town grocery and drug stores are to the fabric of our community. Both residents and tourists are reminded to support local as often […]

Stay at Home, Shop Local

Staying home does not mean you can’t shop – and shopping local is the best way to support your neighbours and community. Sunrise Corner is home to countless unique and locally based vendors that you can order from online or by just giving them a call. Here are five featured local businesses and a profile […]

Videographer? Send Us Your Proposal!

Sunrise Corner is seeking qualified vendors to provide a project quote on the Seasons of Sunrise Corner video series. Deadline for submissions is Monday, January 6, 2020. Please see Request for Proposal for complete details.

Be Part of Tourism, Develop the Community!

See below for the newly developed position, presented by the RMs of Piney and Stuartburn, in partnership with Sunrise Corner.

Art that Makes A Difference

There are endless ways to make quilting become art. Stitched Art is a rarity you won’t find anywhere else.

More Than Just a Greenhouse

It’s a sunny afternoon in mid-May when I decided to visit Prevost Perennials in South Junction, MB. I’m greeted by the songs of birds, creeping vines, exotic fruits and potted flowers spilling out of every corner.

Welcome Our New Marketing Plan!

To kick off the summer, Sunrise Corner held a launch for our new marketing plan Friday, April 26.

Ready to Promote?

Sunrise Corner now has two, portable, roadside signs for local advertising.

The Southeast Farmer’s Market

Cheery vendors and a taste of community awaits you at the Southeast Farmer’s Market in South Junction.

Summer Employment Opportunity

Click here to view the Summer Employment Opportunity Notice!

Welcome to Sunrise Corner!

Join us Saturday November 5th, from 9-11AM as we reveal the new logo and tourism plan for Sunrise Corner!