Geocache Launch in Vita and Woodridge

Sunrise Corner’s geocache launch and BBQ is coming up this Saturday at the Vita Farmer’s Market, and June 10 at the Woodridge Community Centre from 11 am-1 pm!

We will be having a special presentation from the Manitoba Geocaching Association as well as a practice geocache challenge with prizes!

Everyone who participates will be entered to win one of the geocache challenge’s first-place prizes, a hanging metal ‘Welcome’ sign.

Come on out – it’s free and family friendly!

Motocross Race in Zhoda

This weekend is a big weekend for the Zhoda International Raceway!

Located on Franko Road off Hwy 12, the Motocross track has been in operation for six years and hosts American and Manitoba Motocross Association races.

Saturday, May 27 is practice day and Sunday at 9 am is race day! They expect a crowd of around 300 people and about 150 riders from Manitoba and surrounding provinces.

Be sure to make it out tomorrow to be part of the thrill!

Admission can be purchased at the gate.

“Murder’s in the Heir” Drama Production

The Shevchenko School in Vita presents: Murder’s in the Heir

It’s clever, very funny, and interactive – the murder mystery is solved through audience vote! Go see the final performance, May 12 at 7:00 pm! Tickets are available at the door.

Fishing Season Starts Saturday!

Fishing season starts on Saturday! Get your fishing licences at the following locations:
– Vassar Corner Store
– South Junction Co-op
– Vita Co-op
– Woodridge Vintage Corner Store
– Domo in Sprague (licences available May 15th)
When you’re out fishing this weekend, consider Sunrise Corner’s beautiful secluded rivers and lakes. Catch a variety of species in the Roseau River, Sprague River and Whitemouth Lake – Bullheads, Walleye, and Northern Pike and much more! Find the 2017 Angler’s Guide here: