Local Heritage

The Gardenton Park

The Gardenton Park is a sprawling community park that features a hall, an outdoor stage and the Ukrainian Heritage Museum. The Gardenton Park is home to events like the Gardenton Festival, fall suppers, bake sales, dances and more. The park also boasts the Gardenton Hill, a local landmark known for winter sledding.

During festivals and events, the kitchen will be in full swing cooking up traditional Ukrainian fare, made by dedicated volunteers. If you’re just passing through, take a walk around the park and enjoy the quiet grounds. If you follow the short trail behind the hill, you’ll come to a beautiful view of the Roseau River. The museum and old school house are full of artifacts of local Ukrainian heritage and should be put on your ‘Must-See List’.

The Gardenton Park is like a second home to many community members. Its grounds are looked after with much care and dedication, reminding visitors of the strong heritage that keeps the park alive.

Gardenton Heritage Tour

Catch the tall grass prairie fever as former Manitoba Tall Grass Prairie Preserve Botanist, Laura Reeves, shares her passion for this endangered ecosystem with a walk around the Prairie Shore Trail (1 mile, easy terrain).

Then marvel at the structural and creative beauty of Historic St. Michael’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church while those dedicated to its preservation enlighten you with stories of years gone by.

Feeling hungry? Local volunteers will be waiting for you at the Gardenton Museum with delicious home-made Ukrainian cuisine and an eagerness to share their memories and stories with you as you tour the Museum grounds and buildings.

Bus/group tours (min. 10 people)
Call or email to schedule your tour:

Prairie Shore Botanicals: info@psbotanicals.com or 204-425-3520
Historic St. Michael’s Ukrainian Church: donmach43@gmail.com or 204-339-2285
Gardenton Museum: kdc0925@gmail.com or 204-425-8197

Click here to download the  brochure

Visit their Facebook page to find out more about events at the Gardenton Park: www.facebook.com/Gardenton-Park-Museum-736829033013554/

The Badger General Storebadger general store

The Badger General Store, established in 1908, is a great photo opt on your way through Badger. No longer in operation, Badger General Store sports vintage Salada Tea advertisements in its windows. It is on private property, but it’s close enough to the road for great pictures!


Historic St. Michael’s Orthodox Church- GardentonSt. Michael's Church

St. Michaels is a unique part of Ukrainian-Canadian culture as the oldest existing Ukrainian church in Canada, built by Ukrainian settlers in 1897! It is the first permanent Ukrainian church to have been built in Canada.

Take a walk in the secluded churchyard, get some peace and quiet in the gazebo, or explore the range of dates in the old cemetery. St. Michaels is a wonderful testaSt. Labre Churchment of Ukrainian culture. It reminds us of the strong heritage this community was built on.

St. Benoit Joseph Labre Roman Catholic Church- St-Labre

The St. Benoit Joseph Labre Roman Catholic Church is a beautiful historical site located in the village of St. Labre. This is a great photo opt as well as an example of a working piece of heritage.

The church holds services every other Sunday at 9:00 a.m

Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Church- Vassar

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic (Parish) Church in Vassar is located on Beaudry Ave and has an unmarked cemetery on Spicer Street. Located in the quaint village of Vassar, this church is a lovely photo opt if you’re passing through.

Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Church and Cemetery- South Junction

Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Church and cemetery in South Junction is a Manitoban historical site! Services are held every other Sunday, alternating with the Vassar Catholic Church. The grounds are peaceful and beautiful for walking.


Local Historic Sites

Gardenton Truss BridgeThe Gardenton Truss Bridge

The Gardenton Truss Bridge is a municipal heritage site just east of Gardenton. It was built in 1918 over the Roseau River. Over the years, the Gardenton Bridge has remained a single lane and has survived through floods and ice jams. Come see the Gardenton Bridge and be intrigued by the history that is still actively participating in the present.

The Spurgrave School

The historical Spurgrave School is a rare Manitoban example of a log schoolhouse, located in Carrick. It was built in 1909 and has teacher’s quarters attached. The grounds include a historical flagpole and original outhouses. The schoolhouse even holds the original desks and blackboards.

There are community members still living in Carrick who attended the school and are happy to show it to visitors. If you’d like to visit the school, contact Jim Danilchuk: (204) 429-2113


Sprague & District Historical Museumsprague museum

The Sprague & District Historical Museum is one of those ‘Must-See’ locations in Sunrise Corner. Preserving some of the
oldest culture in the area, the museum showcases local artifacts such as an old barber shop, a canoe from the 19th century and a tribute to the local veterans.

In every building,
there are carefully assembled displays that include books and educational material, all put together by caring volunteers.
See a journal and some stockings belonging to the town’s founder, or read up on the old cemeteries in the area. There’s something to see from every part of the district – from clothing, to pictures, to household items.

Come and learn some of the astonishing, interesting and moving stories from around the RM of Piney at this historical central.

Gardenton museumThe Gardenton Ukrainian Museum

The Ukrainian Museum, located in the Gardenton Park, is a small treasury of local culture. It features household items, traditional clothing and farming tools – donated by locals. The museum is a precious piece of the area’s history and is worth the trip to see! Visit it during the Gardenton Festival, or call in advance: (204) 425-8197